The Girl in Christ was born in 2015 when I made the best decision I could’ve possibly made in my entire life; to be a follower and lover of Christ. After making that decision I thought long and hard about how I’m supposed to do things following my decision. Not to say I was some kind of train wreck before however I still found myself thinking “how do I dress, act and carry myself now that I am who I am?”. I wondered if I follow the stereotype or stay true to myself expressing my love for fashion and beauty I the best way I know how; whilst still respecting myself and the God whom I serve. I find myself being inspired more and more everyday, and here you will get to see the three things that inspire me the most, and how how they do so.

By the way my name is Andile Gcaba, I was born and raised in Durban, South Africa and I’m currently living in Boston Massachusetts.