The Secret to my Summer Glow

No matter what time of the year it is I’m always looking for a way to make my skin glow. And in the time I’ve spent enjoying an amazing summer holiday here in Durban, I realised that I’ve developed a staple routine using two very special products to give my skin the ultimate glow and I’m here to share them with you!
Honestly though, what’s important is the technique I use to achieve my glow and not so much the products, however, I will be sharing the products with you guys. Lately I’ve been enjoying a more minimal dewy skin look where I mostly focus on making the skin look flawless, healthy and luminous. To achieve this look I like to use more creams on the face and use as very little powder as I can to avoid looking matte or even powdery. Therefore, I only set areas such as my under eyes to set my concealer and, my nose because it always gets extremely oily throughout the day. I leave all the other areas of my face powderless.
In slathering my face with creams, I make sure that I don’t leave out a cream or liquid highlight. I love this kind of product because it melts so seamlessly into the skin thus making it appear very skin like and beautiful. The coconut dew drops from Marc Jacobs beauty have been on my top shelf for the past month and a half, and they’ve been there for a reason. They’re super pigmented but yet so easy to work with because a little goes a long way. Unlike other liquid and cream highlighters that I’ve tried I like that this one isn’t watery, and also doesn’t come as a thick compact cream. It’s simply the perfect gel formula.
I definitely don’t stop there. I then follow with a powder highlight right over top of the my dew drops. Now I know I mentioned that I use as little powder as I can so that I don’t look powdery and that is where my Dior Nude Air Luminizer powder comes in.  This powder is so finely milled, so you don’t have to worry about it looking extremely powdery in the face, it melts right into the cream highlight underneath giving you a very seamless finish. You can spray your brush with a little bit of setting spray to increase the intensity however, with the cream highlight underneath it, the intensity is enough. Since using this I haven’t been able to out it down, it’s definitely one of my favourite highlighters. If you don’t wanna splurge on this beauty, colour pop has amazing creamy highlighters and you can check them out here
So what do you guys think of these products and this technique? I certainly didn’t come up with it but I’m glad a came across it because it definitely works! If you have any products that are your ride or die for a achieving the perfect glow, leave them in the comment section below I would love to know what they are.
Products mentioned:

Marc Jacobs beauty coconut dew drops (Shop here)

Dior Nude Air luminizer (Shop here)

Colourpop highlighter (Shop here) Trio on sale!