Monday Musthaves

So I have some products and fashion items that I’ve been loving lately, and I thought it would only be right to share them with you guys. But before sharing them I wondered how willl I categorize them and what will I call this post. Then I thought to myself well usually over the weekend is when I round up all my products and items, prior to flilming my Youtube videos and I decide how I feel about them and on Monday I’ll usually know. It makes no sense – I’m sure but anyway these are my Monday must haves.
My Ralph Lauren fragrance had to be the first thing I mentioned.  I got it a little over a month ago and I absolutely love it. I’m not gonna lie, it took some getting used to because it’s an incredibly sweet fragrance, the type that makes you smell extremely edible. It reminded me a little bit of my Giorgio Armani Si – which is my favorite fragrance ever. It smells super fruity and sweet but still very sexy, if thats your cup of tea then you’ll love this fragrance!
If you watched my 10 step morning skincare routine video which you can find here – you would’ve seen this product. I’ve also been using it for a little over a month it’s my favorite cleansing oil yet. It’s the only one I’ve used that doesn’t feel like it clogs up my pores, and does an amazing job at deeply cleaning my face, leaving it feeling fresh and looking radiant. I can always see  a difference in my skin whenever I skip cleansing oil, it’s just not the same. It also does an amazing job at melting off makeup. I highly recommend getting your hands on this.
Sticking to skincare, I had to include another oil. I’m sure I’ve said this before but although I have oily skin I still like to use an oil as means of hydration. I shared an idea with my sister onece about how the reason my skin might be so oily is because my skin is in need of oil, and therefore, it’s overproducing it. She looked at me like I was crazy but I’m telling you guys since that day I’ve heard beauty experts say that repeatedly! So it’s definitely a thing. I love this oil and I typically use it at night so that I don’t have to deal with the greasiness during the day, and just so it can work better. I can definitely say it has improved the texture of my skin, as well as helped with acne scaring.
Now is the time I say, if you guys want me to film a nighttime skincare routine definitely let me know, because this is another item I include in my night routine. I have super dry lips, especially during the colder months, and lips scrubs help me out a lot. This one is from Milani it’s super affordable and works really well. I don’t find it over-drying my lips because the oil in it is very nourishing, especially since you’re supposed to just wipe it of instead of rinsing it. It leaves the lips feeling very smooth and hydrated. I’m pretty sure it’s just sugar and oil mixed together, it also tastes really good .
I always think back to when I first began wearing makeup, and how I always wore the same matte red lipstick from ingot no matter the occasion. Now I have a whole drawer of lipsticks and only 3 of them are red. I still love red lipsticks but if you know me or watch my videos you will know that I’m a sucker for nude lipstick. Everytime I put on makeup I always tell myself that “I’m not gonna wear a nude lip” then I end up wearing a nude lip.  So I decided to share my current favorite nude lip products with you guys, as well as the one fall color I’ve been loving.
  1. Mac Stripdown lip pencil
  2. Colourpop X ILUVSARAHII Curvii lip pencil
  3. Dose of colors X Desi & Katy No shade lipstick
  4. Smashbox matte liquid lipstick (miss conduct)
  5. Maybelline lip gloss (unreal)
I can’t wait to keep playing around with new products, as well as discover new fashion pieces to share with you guys. Be sure to leave a comment sharing some of the products you’re loving at the moment and that you would recommend I try. I’m always looking to play.
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