I always love a good bronzey makeup look. It’s perfect during the summer because it gives such a flattering sunkissed glow, and even during the winter because it keeps you from looking pale and flushed out.It’s definitely become a go to makeup look for me, for every occasion; and after wearing for so long, I think I’ve finally found my 5 go to products for creating my perfect bronze glow and I want to share them with you guys.


The first product I always pick up when doing a bronzey look is my Mac strobe cream. I use it in the shade goldlite because it enhances the yellow and golden undertone in my skin. The product gives a generous amount of luminosity to the skin whilst still hydrating and clarifying it.


Luminous foundation is a must for me when I’m trying to achieve this look. Although, I start off with an illuminating primer I always end up powdering down my concealer and selected areas of my face due to my oil skin. Therefore, adding double the luminosity in my base allows for my skin to not appear so matte after I add powder to the face. My two favorite luminous foundations at the moment are the NARS All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation and the Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation.They have a medium to full coverage and last all day.


The most important step in in a bronzey makeup look is definitely the bronzer! Duh! This is the product that is really going to warm up the face and give it that sun kissed look. I have quite a few bronzers the I love because they each have a different finish and feel to the skin, and they also have different undertones that cater to my skin’s needs.
    Pro Bronze Fusion Bronzer. This is a lightweight bronzer with a satin finish. It’s probably my favorite with the way it sits on the skin.
  2. Mac Give Me Sun. This matte bronzer can come off very orange on the skin, however, with my golden undertone I feel it gives me the perfect warm look.
  3. Milani Bronzer XL. I love this bronzer duo because one side is a matte bronzer and the other side is a shimmery bronzer. Therefore, depending on what kind of day it is I can choose whether or not I wanna add a sheen to the skin, to add to the luminosity, or keep it matte and bronzey. I also like that the one bonzer is deeper than the other, as it can be used for a light contour.


When doing a bronzey makeup look, the goal is to make the face look very warm and tanned; therefore I always want to enhance the look with warm tones on the eyes. I find that the tones that best compliment the look are oranges, browns and golds. And so depending on my mood and how lazy I’m feeling I’ll reach for either one or even all. Lately I’ve been loving this Charlotte Tilbury palette. It’s very easy to use with only four shadows but you can still create a number of looks. The shimmery bronze shade (bottom left) is perfect for day and night as it has beautiful gold reflects that glistens in the sun during the day and have a romantic sparkle at night. And of course I can’t forget the red shade (top right) which has a lovely warm undertone, the dark brown (bottom right) for smokey definition and the champagne (top left) for that inner corner highlight.



Last but not least, it wouldn’t be a complete makeup look with highlight. And I definitely don’t have only one favorite highlight. Because of fairly tan I guess I would say I like yo for more golden, medium highlighters rather than the icey lighter ones. I also like highlighters that melt into the skin and sit more naturally, rather than those which appear very powdery or chalky. Here are are some of my favorites.
  1. Bobbi Brown Bronze Glow. I’d be very unfaithful if I didn’t mention my all time favorite Bobbi Brown highlighter. I’m sure many of you have seen me use this on my channel many times. It’s the perfect gold highlight that sits really nicely on the skin.
  2. Colourpop Supershock Cheek Glazed. Colourpop has some of my favorite highlighters. They’re very creamy and pigmented, but most of all they’re very affordable. They sit seamlessly on the skin epsecially if applied with a beauty blender.


Last but not least is blush. I’ve specifically listed peach blush because it best enhances that sun kissed look, and flatters any tanned skin tone. I love this new mac extra dimension blush in the shade just a pinch. I usually go for a matte blush however, I’ve been loving this one because it has a beautiful sheen to it and adds the right amount of luminosity – so much that you can skip on the highlight. The tones of a peach blush will also correspond well with the warm tones you decide to put on the eye. So grab yourself a peachy blush and you’re good to go.

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